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Welcome to the horse races, a world of story, tradition and emotion

Let's venture together into the world of horse racing, which at first sight is mysterious and unknown to most ordinary mortals. For some, it may even seem dangerous, for there is big money at stake. But this is just one, very narrow and very inaccurate view of life on and around the racecourses. The sport of horse racing (slang for "turf") is not just a fascinating contest full of twists and turns, it is first and foremost a performance test of the English thoroughbred.

A single race lasts on average a minute and a half, a steeplechase around five to nine minutes. But its participants have often been preparing for their big moment for years. Around 50 racedays are held at 10 racecourses in the Czech Republic from the beginning of April to the beginning of November, which means around 400 flat and jump races a year.

Horse racing – a unique meeting place

Horse racing is the ideal setting for gathering with family, friends or business partners. Can you imagine setting up a meeting at a sporting event that sweeps you away with drama from the first minute? The break is just a short time to take a breath, share your impressions and get back into the whirlwind of fun. It is for meetings of all kinds that horse racing is ideal. The race itself lasts a few tens of seconds, the steeplechase in units of minutes, followed by at least 20 minutes or more of intermission, which you can use for conversation.

Are you going to the races for the first time and don't know what to expect?

Browse through the following information to get a basic understanding of how to navigate the program, what are the types and categories of races, what are classic races, what age horses run, how to bet, what is handicap, who are the trainers, owners and riders or what you will find at the racetrack.

Before you head to the racetrack, read the practical information for racegoers.

Find out more about what happens during a raceday, how long a race lasts and how many are run during the day, where to buy tickets and what to wear.