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Tipsport and Jockey Club continue their cooperation

Representatives of the Tipsport betting company and the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic have announced the extension of their exclusive partnership for the 2024 and 2025 racing seasons.


Petr Knybel, Tipsport.jpg"I am very happy about this cooperation. Odds betting is inseparable from horse racing, so when the Czech legislation made it possible, it quickly became a natural part of our offer. And thanks to our cooperation with the Jockey Club, our clients' interest in horses has become even more pronounced. It just confirmed to us that betting and horse racing have great marketing and business potential. And at the same time we see it as our small contribution to keeping horse breeding as a part of our country's culture," said Tipsport CEO Petr Knybel about the cooperation.

Tipsport, the number one sports betting operator, and the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic first agreed to cooperate in 2021. The Jockey Club represents all racecourses, including the Dostihovy spolek Pardubice. Therefore, in addition to financial support for the sport of horse racing, the cooperation also meant the return of betting on horse racing, even at smaller domestic racecourses that had lost this opportunity some time ago.


Jiří Charvát, Jockey Club ČR.jpg"Close cooperation with the betting company is crucial for the financing of the racing operation. It is very important for the Jockey Club that we have concluded a new contract with an even higher financial contribution from Tipsport," said Jiří Charvát, president of the Jockey Club of the Czech Republic. "Perhaps the most important are the steps aimed at increasing comfort for both bettors and spectators - an increase in the number of cameras, greater involvement of drones at streams and the placement of chips under the saddle blankets of horses."

"As someone from a business background, I very much appreciate the solid approach taken by Jana Obermajerova of the BPA. And especially Tipsport CEO Petr Knybel, with whom I negotiated the contract personally," added Jiří Charvát.